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Cook County Jail & Felony Court | 26th St. and California Ave. | Chicago, IL Attorney Robert Pantoga

Cook County Jail, Chicago IL | Cook County Criminal Court House

Has you loved one been arrested and is being held at Cook County Jail?

Have you been released from Cook County Jail on Bond or an I-Bond (Own Reconnaissance)

Are you currently awaiting trial at the Criminal Court House located at 2650 South California Avenue?

If you have been arrested in Chicago, Illinois for a felony crime than you have been taken to Cook County Jail located adjacent to the Cook County Criminal Circuit Court House at 26th and California. Felony court at 26th Street is extremely serious and you need an attorney who will fight to protect your rights. Robert Pantoga has been practicing criminal law since 1980 and has represented thousands of individuals at the Cook County Felony Circuit Court House charged with crimes related to selling drugs like crack cocaine and heroin or "blows", murder, aggravated assault and battery, aggravated DUI(driving under the influence), arson, rape, unlawful discharge of a firearm, unlawful possession of a firearm, and kidnapping to name a few.

If you have ever been in felony criminal court at 26th Street before you know that Cook County public defenders see so many cases that their main objective seems to be bad plea agreements and confessions. You need to hire an attorney who cares about your situation and will fight hard to give you bold legal defense in Illinois felony criminal court.

Robert Pantoga Defends Your Rights in Cook County Criminal Court

Attorney Robert Pantoga has one primary purpose when you hire him to defend you in criminal court at Cook County or elsewhere in Illinois. When he walks into the Court House at 2650 S. California Ave. Mr. Pantoga puts on the gloves and steps into the boxing ring to keep you out of an Illinois Department of Corrections prison that you don't belong in. Are you sure that a public defender would do the same?

The Wrong Decision Could Mean Time in an IDOC Prison

There is a reason that America's prisons are overpopulated. The people in charge seem too willing to throw good members of society in jail or prison, often times for non-violent crimes, drug related crimes, or crimes that the convicted inmate did not commit in the first place. Unfortunately the criminal justice system is twisted. In Illinois States attorney's don't care if they are going after the right person or not as long as their prosecution holds together. Sadly, most of the public defenders are so overloaded with clients that they don't know what to do other than plea them out. Imagine that, your public defender telling you that your best option is to plea guilty and do 5 years in Illinois Department of Corrections. Many individuals have appeared in felony criminal court at 2650 S. California ave and received harsh sentences and a lifetime stay in a minimum or maximum security prison with thousands of hardened criminal convicts and inmates.

Robert Pantoga grew up on the west side of Chicago. He knows that the police discriminate against minorities, and he became a criminal defense attorney in Illinois to defend and protect the people of Chicago and cook county. Since started his practice he has made a difference in thousands of lives because of his continued hard work and effort. Attorney Robert Pantoga loves being a criminal defense lawyer because he gets to help people who are at a disadvantage. He is eager to get started on your case to get you the results you need in criminal court. Call Robert Pantoga at (847)928.9492 to schedule a free informative consultation that will let you know what to expect at the felony court proceedings.

Would you like more information about Cook County Jail & Cook County Criminal Courts from the Cook County Sheriff's website.

Cook County Criminal Court | Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Pantoga

*This is a map from Google Maps of the Criminal Court House located at 2650 South Califnornia Avenue. You can use this map to get directs to Cook County Jail & Cook County Criminal Courts.


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Arrest Record Expungement
Have you ever been arrested?

If you have ever been arrested, even if you were never convicted of a crime, there is still a record of this arrest that will show up on your background check. Many people are not aware that arrests are public record and are kept seperate from convictions. Learn how to expunge your Illinois arrest record.

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